For a few weeks now we've had 'O' waking in the middle of the night, sometimes a couple of times or more, crying and shouting for us.  When we've asked him what is wrong, he's clearly said that there are monsters under the bed.  Poor boy!  Poor us too!  I've had a good read in Jo Frost's - Confident Toddler Care, and she says to treat it seriously and take measures to get rid of the monster.  So we've tried clapping, saying goodbye to the monster, cuddles then back to bed and leaving the hall light on.  But it's not really working, well, it's definitely not working if we're still having to get up in the night to resolve it.  I don't mind the odd one, but a few nights a week and I'm starting to feel like a zombie again!  Has anyone got any tips?!

I've just bought a night light, I'm hoping that will help, fingers crossed for a quick delivery!  I'm also thinking of creating a drawing with 'O' to ward-off any would be monsters lurking...

Such a vivid imagination!

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