I'm not usually a 'tell all' type of a person, but given I've started this blog, and it's supposed to be about all things me, it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention that I'm on a diet.  A friend of mine (bloke from work), used to call women he thought were attractive but overweight 'chunky but funky'.  It's a bit offensive, but he was that kind of bloke.  Thing is, I used to think I was too fat to even fall under that terminology.  I've been overweight for a while, but it wasn't till I gave birth to my second son that I realised I'd fallen into the obese category.  Gutted.  I'd always thought obesity meant you were huge, and I suppose I was, just not as huge as I'd thought you needed to be.  Anyway, after 'H' was born in February, and I turned 30 in March, I decided that two babies was enough, my twenties were over and I needed to take back some control over my body.  I joined Weight Watchers in April, and have since lost 1st 9lb, whoop!  According the the NHS BMI table, I still need to lose another 2st(!) to be at my ideal weight.  Wish me luck!

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