The boys and I have been really busy today, we went to the park to meet 'O's nursery friends for a summer holiday picnic, which was rather nice, and then 'O' and I went to the dentist.  The appointment today felt completely pointless, not only was the appointment solely for 'O', but he obstinately refused to open his mouth... this was the third time we've been.  Baring in mind, like most toddlers he is rarely quiet for more than a few seconds, if he's not chattering away, he's going through this hugely irritating roaring phase, think lions, tigers, dinosaurs, thunder... if it roars, he roars more.  We were even encouraging him to roar for the dentist, but no, not a sausage.  When we got down from the chair, he did ask if we were going home now.  Yes, and thanks for that!  I'm not against obstinacy, I'm absolutely sure I was one of those children, but it's about me learning how to handle it, how to coax, cajole, negotiate, so that we can at least do these necessary appointments... has anyone any ideas?  Our next attempt is in September... I want to go prepared!

Dinner tonight was Fish and Chips, well the home-made version.  Sea bass in breadcrumbs, potato wedges and a massive quantity of peas, the awesome, on-hand, easy veg!  I'm not going to do a recipe, it's just too easy, but thanks to the Hairy Dieters, I do now use yoghurt instead of egg when preparing to cover something in breadcrumbs.  It is less messy, less points on weight watchers, more moist and infinitely more tasty.  The big news on dinner was that 'H' ate a full baby portion, he couldn't have chowed down more food quick enough,  it was amazing to watch, he clearly loved every mouthful!  I felt so proud!  I'm still not sure whether it was down to it being a brilliant tasting meal, that was easy to hold, or whether it was because he was in his bumbo as opposed to his usual Cosatto Noodle high chair.  Speaking of which, we've had the Noodle for 21/2 years, and yesterday I noticed a crack in the leg hinge bit, phoned them up, no quibs, they came and collected it today for repairs, what awesome customer service!

And lastly, every year, there is no escaping the flying ant season, and this is right now.  Ugh, I've just sprayed loads with fly spray and put down one of those ant stop things... fingers crossed we'll have no more tomorrow!
I'm not usually a 'tell all' type of a person, but given I've started this blog, and it's supposed to be about all things me, it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention that I'm on a diet.  A friend of mine (bloke from work), used to call women he thought were attractive but overweight 'chunky but funky'.  It's a bit offensive, but he was that kind of bloke.  Thing is, I used to think I was too fat to even fall under that terminology.  I've been overweight for a while, but it wasn't till I gave birth to my second son that I realised I'd fallen into the obese category.  Gutted.  I'd always thought obesity meant you were huge, and I suppose I was, just not as huge as I'd thought you needed to be.  Anyway, after 'H' was born in February, and I turned 30 in March, I decided that two babies was enough, my twenties were over and I needed to take back some control over my body.  I joined Weight Watchers in April, and have since lost 1st 9lb, whoop!  According the the NHS BMI table, I still need to lose another 2st(!) to be at my ideal weight.  Wish me luck!